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Why Are Some Entrepreneurs More Successful Than Others?

You have the entrepreneurial spirit and have made the plunge to start out in business. Congratulations! Not everyone has the stomach for it. Even less the tenacity to see it through to the end. This step you’ve taken; it’s huge. Take a moment to appreciate it. Then consider the following. One You, Multiple Hats You’re […]

Keeping the Top of your Marketing Funnel Active

Relationship Networking February 22, 2018

What Is The Top Funnel and Why Is It So Important? A funnel shape is used to represent the buyer’s journey. A prospect either descends into the next stage of the funnel when their interest increases, or they exit the funnel for many reasons; if they are not properly informed about your product or service, […]

4 Simple Ways BNI Expands Your Professional Network

Relationship Networking January 25, 2018

  BNI aims to provide the ultimate business networking platform for professionals to grow their network, and expanding your professional network ultimately grows your business through targeted referrals. So how do you expand your network? These four simple ways explore how to make the most of your access to BNI’s professional network and expand your […]

Awesome Stories of BNI Canada

Relationship Networking January 15, 2018

Looking back over the past year to take stock of both the successes and failures is a great way to identify growing opportunities, as well as level up for success. Whether you are an entrepreneur, running a small business or large company, or freelancing, take stock of 2017 and celebrate the wins. 2017 was a […]

6 Key Steps to Determining Who Your Target Clientele Is

Strategy October 25, 2017

It’s an exciting time to be an entrepreneur. Yes, the current state of the economy can be daunting, but it’s also an opportunity as a small business to target what you do best, and do it better than anyone else. By having a well-defined target market, small businesses can effectively compete with large companies. The […]