Keeping the Top of your Marketing Funnel Active

What Is The Top Funnel and Why Is It So Important?

A funnel shape is used to represent the buyer’s journey. A prospect either descends into the next stage of the funnel when their interest increases, or they exit the funnel for many reasons; if they are not properly informed about your product or service, they aren’t part of your target market, or they were not ready to purchase yet. It’s a good idea to hook a number of prospects to enter the funnel, because fewer will end up purchasing than entered; hence the funnel representation.

The Top Funnel Creates Awareness For Our Business

Your goal with the the top of your marketing funnel is to provide a wide source of educational content to show the substance and value of your product or service, and what makes it unique. This is your first opportunity to build report with potential clientele, so it’s important not to overwhelm them with details and try to perform a hard sell. This is simply the awareness stage.

Focus on establishing yourself as an industry leader and create brand awareness. Trust is key at this stage of the marketing funnel, which you can create through educating prospects on the value of your product or service.  

Many business owners get busy with clients and either don’t make time for One-to-Ones, or they mistakenly think their current business will automatically continue to grow based on their current momentum alone. They stop nurturing their top funnel with reduced top funnel activities, such as networking meetings and One-to-Ones.

BNI Canada knows the direct correlation between effective One-to-Ones and Thank Yous to closed business deals because this is exactly what we track in our chapter meetings!

How to Keep your Top Funnel Active:


What are the ways you’ve kept your top funnel active? Share with us in the comments below!

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