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BNI Continues to Grow!
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6,441 Chapters Operating in 52 Countries
157,473Members Internationally With Chapter Average 24.45
BNI Canada Continues to Grow!
287 Chapters / Chapter Average 20.3
5,830Members Produced More Than
In Recorded Referral Revenue For BNI Members During The Past 12 Months!
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BNI Testimonials
BNI Testimonials
Unsolicited testimonials from members of BNI
Find Your Local BNI Chapter
Find Your Local BNI Chapter
Breakfast meetings are held in a variety of locations throughout the country, and throughout the world.
BNI Trade Directory
BNI Trade Directory
BNI meetings foster Word-of-Mouth Marketing, the most powerful form of advertising that money can't buy!
Business Networking Events
Upcoming Events
24-Apr-2014 4:00pm
Director's 3rd Mentoring Session (Member Success Program - MSP): Barrie, ON
24-Apr-2014 7:00am
Information Session BNI Fast Forward
24-Apr-2014 10:30am
ON/Toronto - Information & Pre-Registration for Starting Your Own BNI Referral Team (Chapter)
25-Apr-2014 7:00am
BNI Alberta North: Chapter Leadership Executive Team Training - Edmonton and Area
25-Apr-2014 11:30am
BNI Alberta North: Leadership Executive Team Luncheon - Edmonton and Area
25-Apr-2014 2:00pm
BNI Alberta North: MSP#1 3rd Mentoring Session with the Director (Member Success Program - MSP) PM Session - Edmonton & Area
25-Apr-2014 10:00am
BNI Canada: Fast Track Friday CANADA Call
25-Apr-2014 9:30am
Director/Ambassador Meeting - LMSE - Surrey
25-Apr-2014 8:00am
Membership Success Program
25-Apr-2014 7:30am
Montérégie / Estrie - Programme de Succès du Membre BNI (PSM-1)
25-Apr-2014 7:00am
QC/Est du QC/Formation des nouveaux membres PSM - Trois-Rivières
25-Apr-2014 7:00am
QC/Mtl Central/MSP/PSM - Programme du Succès du Membre - Montréal
25-Apr-2014 7:00am
QC/Mtl Rive-nord/MSP/PSM Programme du succès du membre BNI
28-Apr-2014 5:15pm
MSP Training - Okanagan
28-Apr-2014 3:30pm
ON/Durham - Members Success Program
28-Apr-2014 7:30am
ON/Toronto - Presentation Skills Workshop
28-Apr-2014 7:00am
QC/Mtl Central/MSP/Member Success Program MTL office - English
29-Apr-2014 3:30pm
ON/Toronto - Member Success Program Session Three
30-Apr-2014 8:00am
BNI National Director's Conference
01-May-2014 3:30pm
Director's 3rd Mentoring Session (Member Success Program - MSP): Barrie, ON
02-May-2014 10:00am
BNI Canada: Fast Track Friday CANADA Call
02-May-2014 6:30am
National Conference - Member's Day
05-May-2014 12noon
BNI Alberta North: MSP#4 - Advanced Training – Maximized Referrals - Edmonton and Area
05-May-2014 3:00pm
BNI Alberta North: MSP#5 - Advanced Training – Results Focused Infomercials - Edmonton and Area
05-May-2014 8:15am
Chapter Growth Coordinator Training
05-May-2014 5:30pm
Member Success Program - Courtenay
05-May-2014 7:30am
ON/Toronto - Networking Skills Workshop
05-May-2014 12noon
Peel Region Chapter Building Session
06-May-2014 11:30am
BNI Alberta North: BNI is coming to Fort McMurray!
07-May-2014 11:00am
BNI Alberta North: Power Team Luncheon - Growing a Business - Edmonton & Area

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