BNI - The World's Largest Referral Organization

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BNI's (Business Network International) Mission

is to help members increase their business through a structured, positive and professional word-of-mouth program that enables them to develop long-term, meaningful relationships with quality business professionals.

The philosophy of BNI

is built upon the idea of "Givers Gain©". BNI offers members the opportunity to share ideas, contacts, networks and most importantly, business referrals. Being a member of BNI is like having sales people working for you every day and marketing your products or services. If referrals are an important part of your business, then BNI is the organization for you.

First Time Visitors.

The best way to find out about BNI is to visit a chapter. If you are a first-time visitor, please click on the region below to find out more about how to visit and join a chapter.

For more information please email

To contact us toll free anywhere in Canada dial 1.800.365.2276 or e-mail us at

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